I’d rather you just tell me instead of you going around telling people how miserable you are or being subtle because that just makes it a lot worse for both of us. Even if you can’t bring yourself to tell me directly just ask a friend or something to pass on the message because, funny as it may be, I can’t read minds or always notice when I’ve done something wrong. Don’t worry about offending me - I feel more offended that you’d rather tell a bunch of strangers what you feel about me instead of talking to me about it. 

this would actually solve a lot of problems, because my guesses can only go one of two ways — I guess right and we get to work it out because I brought it forward FOR ye who cannot solve ye own problems for some strange reason, or I endlessly guess wrong and turn into a paranoid wreck because no one will talk to me before they blow up and they get tired of me guessing like this and then everything just goes really bad…